He's Here

Posted by on April 8, 2019 at 5:40 PM
It's not every minute that I feel His presence And ride like the wind on a spiritual high; It's not every day that I'm up on a mountain Entranced by the feeling of His passing by Sometimes I am down, knee-high to a cricket, Drifting in a pool filled with my own tears; Other days I sense that I'm caught in the middle Somewhere between my frustrations and fears. Doesn't matter how high, doesn't matter how low I may feel on any particular day, I've learned to ignore my most grave suppositions And know that the Lord is still here anyway. His wisdom is in the decisions I make. His patience is in the cruel gestures I take. His hand is my boundary providing restraint, When I would speak or act unbecoming a saint. His mercy and love take their respective place, As His peace beyond measure blankets my face. His joy lifts me up from the depths of despair-- I don't need a reaction to know that He's there His presence is with me with or without the feeling No theatrics needed to prove that He's healing The pain in my heart and the hurt in my soul And filling each void and every empty hole As we walk in fellowship cherished and dear I know by experience and faith that He's here! --Vickie E. Johnson April 8, 2019

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