The Signs Are All Here, Part 2

Posted by on March 19, 2020 at 2:20 PM
On August 19 of last year, I posted a blog entitled, "The Signs Are All Here," referring to the 24th chapter of Matthew where Jesus predicted, foretold, yes, prophesied all of the signs that would be present in the earth during the season that He would return. In light of the current events that are unfolding before us, increasing in frequency and intensity, I feel it bears reviewing. We as humanity have witnessed and experienced the wars and rumors of wars, the unrest in the climate in the way of storms, hurricanes, earthquakes (in DIVERSE as ever places) and pestilences--we've seen H1N1, Avian bird flu, ebola, influenza outbreaks and now COVID-19, the most recent and possibly the most fierce strand of Coronavirus. The frightening part is where Jesus follows all of this up by saying in verse 8, "All these are the BEGINNING of sorrows." In modern terms, "We ain't seen nothing yet!" Yet in the midst of it all, we who are preachers, pastors, prophets (the true ones--not the ones promising God to bless you with a massive fortune for turning over your month's rent), the evangelist and every blood-bought believer with or without earthly credentials have a mandate from our Savior to see to it that His gospel reaches the farthest corners of the earth. I use media for the most part to this purpose, though I do support other outreaches and speak publicly as the Lord opens the doors. But there are so many creative ways to each do our part that it leaves no room at all for excuse. People need to know especially in times like these that (1) They need a Savior, and cannot rescue themselves no matter HOW they try, (2) That Jesus, having been the only one Who fulfilled all that was required is the ONLY one entitled to be invoked to save us and (3) They must come to Him to be forgiven. People are dying every minute, many if not most without ever either coming to or embracing that saving knowledge. If you are a professed Christian, then I ask you respectfully, what are you doing on your end to challenge this reality? What the world is facing right now is bad, but according to Scripture, it is not the worst or the last. People need to come to know Jesus. He is soon to return--everything that He said would happen beforehand either HAS happened, or IS happening. So my message to all who read this is, if you do not know the Lord Jesus in the pardon of your sins, REPENT! If you do know Jesus, then you should be telling people the same. I will soon be posting a list of soul winning strategies in case you are new to this, of feel for whatever reason unqualified. I promise this does not require a seminary education--only a love for God and a burden for lost souls, as well as some Biblical knowledge (which we will happily provide)! Until next time, God bless, and make it an awesome day!

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